Mana offers a unique box each quarter featuring handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces created by local women artisans in South Africa and the United States. Each box features stylish accessories, décor, and fashions—perfect for any lifestyle. Amplify these women’s voices and join Mana, where every curated piece tells a story.

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Take a Journey with Africa

Take a Journey with Africa with one-of-a-kind, handmade items. You’ll enjoy a travel bag made from recycled one-time use plastic, your new favorite mohair scarf, a fabulous night time neck piece, and more. Plus, by purchasing the items in this box, you’re directly impacting 337 women artisans and indirectly supporting 799 women who are working for these small businesses.


6 reviews for Mana Box

  1. Kim Bode

    I’ve been working with the products for months and I absolutely love the women and the story behind Mana. The products are beautifully made and the artisans are being given their lives back.

  2. Katherine

    Amazing quality and artistry. I’m excited to get my first full box, the previews are elegant and enticing. The story of the women artisans is compelling.

  3. Fran Jacques

    These boxes are beautiful and satisfy two goals for my life: supporting entrepreneurs and supporting the Motherland of all humanity.

  4. Fran Jacques

    I believe in the power of Mana and I believe in uplifting women. That’s why I am a big proponent of the Mana Boxes program. I’ve seen the good it’s doing for the female artisans and I’ve seen what it’s done to me as I keep reaching for my full potential to be a good human. Beyond those feelings, I’m in love with the products and the backstory on what it takes to produce them. These women pour every ounce of their talent and tenacity into these handmade items. I can literally feel their energy when I touch amulet necklace or wrap the mohair scarf around my neck. Everyone should subscribe to Mana to share with their girl tribe, sisters or daughter – or to enjoy for themselves.

  5. Carrie

    I was so excited to receive my first box, and it did not disappoint! The quality of the items I received was luxe, and things that I now reach for on a daily basis. The fact that it’s all supporting this wonderful community of women makes it all so much more special!

  6. Fran Jacques

    My second Mana Box, With Love from South Africa, is as delightful as the first! What caught my attention was how many items it contains. I opened the gift from Habits and was delighted to see what all was beautifully packaged into the simple, elegant pouch. I cannot pick a favorite, but the Nomvula’s Knitters poncho, the Bayede! necklace, and the Habits Cheetah scarf are NOT going to be re-gifted. I’m keeping them! Since it is Mother’s Day next week, I will be spreading this Mana Box around a bit, however. Thank you for putting so much love into one gift box!

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